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Triathlon Nutrition

Don’t let your training go down the drain on race day because of what you ate or didn’t eat!

Are you training for a running race or triathlon? Let me create a nutrition plan that fits your needs, lifestyle, and training plan!

What you’ll get:

  • Daily calorie and macronutrient targets based on your specific needs and goals

  • Customized meal plans based on your training and work schedule that come with recipes, shopping lists, and prep guides

  • A race nutrition plan

  • Unlimited contact via instant messaging, email, and pre-planned phone calls

  • Online food logging with frequent feedback from me re your meals and snacks using an online journal that allows you to:

Triathlon nutrition.jpg

Log your food & beverage choices, workouts, and health markers with ease (and receive daily feedback from me)

Share photos of meals, nutrition labels & other nutrition-related info you encounter during your day

Use secure video chat to “meet” with me to answer questions and discuss your progress

Share victories, get encouragement & receive tailored nutrition documents and health information.

We will work closely together for 8 weeks to get your nutrition dialed in and get you across that finish line!

Perfect busy runners.jpg

Perfect for busy runners and triathletes!

$599 for 8 weeks with the option of continuing for $99/month after the first 8 weeks, which includes food logging and review by me, and unlimited email/messaging – great for accountability and staying on track!

💬 What some of Cindy’s athletes have said:


"Although I swam and ran for many years, I had problems with recovery when I started training for endurance events. Cindy’s counseling helped me get more out of my training and go further than I ever thought possible, including 5-hour long mountain bike races. I was pleasantly surprised to find how some simple diet changes could make such a big difference.” 


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