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Power Up!
A Midlife Woman's Guide to Nutrition, Strength, and Fitness

8 Weeks to a Stronger, Fitter, You!

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Learn all about which nutrients women in midlife need for optimal health and wellbeing, how to honor your hunger and fullness, and how to prepare simple, tasty meals without breaking a sweat in the kitchen!


Improve your fitness level to not only be healthier, but have more energy and zest for life! Get support and accountability from Cindy as she follows your progress each step of the way.



Build upper and lower body strength with simple, easy-to-follow strength workouts. Adjust or modify your program as needed with help from Cindy and get support and accountability too!

8 Week Strength Training Program

Comprehensive 8-week program designed to challenge and inspire, improve strength and vitality, and change exercise habits. With regular check-ins and motivational tips every Monday, Cindy will ensure you stay motivated and on track. You will need a set of 5, 8, and 10 lb dumbbells and a smart phone to download the app-based program. Be ready to get fit and strong!

Cardio Component

PowerUp incorporates a simple cardio component designed to boost heart health, improve cardiorespiratory fitness, and give you more energy . Each week includes three days of moderate-intensity aerobic activity of your choosing.These cardio sessions not only enhance physical fitness but also contribute to overall well-being by promoting better sleep, reducing stress, and improving mood. 

8 Week Nutrition Program

This 8-week program includes a tailored nutrition plan that focuses on incorporating nutrient-dense foods that support healthy aging. It explains which nutrients you need to stay healthy and fit and how to incorporate nutrient-dense foods that support healthy aging. This program is designed to nourish your body, promote optimal health, and complement your fitness journey.

Support and Accountability

Cindy will provide support and accountability to ensure you stay on track. Regular check-ins, both daily and weekly, allow for personalized feedback and adjustments to your program as needed. Motivational tips every Monday and the ability to communicate directly with Cindy through the app foster a supportive environment. This program leverages the power of technology to bring you a personal coaching experience that encourages progress and celebrates your achievements."

Sara L

"Power Up really has helped me transform my wellness by guiding me to be a strong, well nourished woman!  I am so much better for it!"  

Cathy I

"Thank you for this program, Cindy. It was just what I needed to get started on a regular practice of strength/cardio."

Julie S

"The nutrition information provided by Cindy was very helpful and encouraged me to be more mindful of what I should be eating or change in my meal choices." 
SUP Yoga Warrior

8 Weeks to a Stronger, Fitter You!

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